Field hockey hosts high school clinic

After their 2-1 loss to No. 5 Duke, the field hockey team hosted a clinic for high school and middle school girls last Sunday at Geasey Field.

Former Olympian Carrie Lingo, who recently retired from field hockey before the 2012 Olympic Games and had been on the U.S. National Team since 2002, was the guest coach.

Lingo played in Beijing in the 2008 Games, and was a big part of Team USA reaching the Olympics.

Coach Amanda Janney said that being able to attract young fans and then have them work on their skills on the field after the game is a special thing to do.

“We had the time that we wanted to do two hours of skill work with the kids,” Janney said. “And we had a good turn out with over 30 kids, and eight middle school kids which is great to help them develop skills at an early age.”

The camp consisted of different skill station rotations, working on various moves and skills. Janney and her assistants worked with both Lingo and current players on the Owls’ squad.

But Janney said that one of the best parts of the whole clinic was having an Olympian there.

“Its really good for the girls on our team to meet an Olympian, and I think we have some girls on our team that can make it to the next level and be on the national team,” Janney said. “But I think they don’t quite understand how close [making the national team] is to their grasp.”

The clinic brought players from all over to work with both college athletes and coaches a like, and for Janney the experience was worth the time.

“I think it was really cool to have both young girls and our girls meet [Lingo],” Janney said. “It was a great opportunity to not only work on their skills but to dream bigger.”

-Colin Tansits