Lacrosse seniors reflect on final home game

On Senior Day, the lacrosse team would have liked to end the season on a winning note.  Such was not the case, however, as the Owls fell to Richmond 16-15 on Sunday, April 21.

Appropriately, two seniors led the way in scoring, with Stephany Parcell scoring four goals and Charlotte Swavola scoring three.  Parcell and Swavola each recorded an assist as well.

Parcell showed her competitive spirit when it came to losing by such a small margin.

“We were undefeated until today,” she said. “Scoring goals is good, but if you can’t score enough, you can’t win the game.  It would have been nice if I could have had one more, or the team could have had another one.  Two more would have won that game.”

Swavola displayed a similar attitude in describing her expectation for Senior Day.

“If we would have won, I would have said ‘no,’ but you always say things that you take back,” she said. ” The other team was good.  I did a couple of things that I wanted to do, but it’s not a win.  It’s not exactly what I wanted.”

Coach Bonnie Rosen was not discouraged by the loss.

“It was a good, hard fought effort, and all year, different people step up at different times, and we continue to see that growth,” she said. “I think the game has the ability to prepare us more for the A- 10 Tournament then, maybe, an easier win.”