Lacrosse season almost underway

In 2013, the lacrosse team has taken a couple of different approaches, in preparation for this season.

Although the 2013 spring semester began on January 22, the Owls were able to come to campus a week in advance, to begin practicing. This would be the first year the team has had training camp before school began.

“I think it was one of the best decisions that the coaches made. We got a head start on practice” said senior midfielder Stephany Parcell.

“It was a really wonderful luxury. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when we don’t have any other distractions, besides your sport. As a player, as an athlete, it’s the ultimate feeling of all you worry about is playing” said coach Bonnie Rosen.

“And as a coach, I’ve always found when we have those moments, we make huge gains” Rosen added.

Another difference in the Owls preparation is the incorporation of film study.

“We implemented something that we hadn’t really done in the past, which was watching film as a team. One day with the attack, one day with the defense. Trying to get everyone to know that we need to be prepared for games” Parcell said.